her next project

It’s funny touring Volta now, because already in my head I’m moving towards my next project. Because emotionally, Volta’s songs are so huge. And although it is a lot about me being in a woman some ways, Volta is quite macho too, like a warrior. I’m not feeling the warrior any more. I’ve done that. My next project’s going to be less interested in hooliganism. There’ll still be brass, lots of brass, but maybe taking it to more chocolatey places. But emotionally I’ve been too bombastic for a while, you know ? Like, hmm, Björk, why don’t you just join Manchester United Fan Club ? [punches fist in the air and sings] Oh-way-oh-way-way-oh-way ! [giggles] But if there was a time in my life for the flag and the trumpet, that’s gone for me now. It’s time to move on.

TheLipster.com, April 11 2008