7 juillet 2018

Festival Eden Sessions

Cornouailles, Royaume-Uni

Premières parties de Lanark Artefax et Klein.


Le titre Claimstaker est joué pour la 1ère fois en live.


Conventional pop bangers are few and far between, but this is more of a workout for the heart than the feet. That said, moments of old-fashioned four-to-the-floor – old favourites Isobel and Human Behaviour – come as a relief. The emotional intensity and unorthodox structure of the Utopia songs take a back seat to familiarity, breaking the spell long enough to allow outbreaks of dancing and air-punching. Then the bedazzlement resumes as Libra pick up long, illuminated tubes and whirl them around their heads, creating ghostly tones and spinning discs of light around their singer for a stark and bass-less Features Creatures. Guardian

As the women in Viibra mirrored the swaying of grass on the screen behind them and Björk intoned “restless relentlessly” over and over like a curious rapper from Avatar, it was hard not to be totally intoxicated by a show that was less gig and more Tate Modern installation. Cornwalllive

If ever a venue was made for Björk, it’s the Eden Project, Cornwall’s eco-hippy, geodesic-dome horticultural haven, which could have been custom-built for the Utopia Tour. “Let’s imagine a world where nature and technology collaborate,” an onstage message urges, only slightly undermined by the technological glitches making the screen go black. The big screen is flanked by two big golden seed pods, banks of bird-of-paradise flowers and a grassy thicket in the centre : a revolving stage that swivels to reveal the woman of the hour ensconced on a vagina-shaped throne in a dress like a cybergoth butterfly. NME

The concert felt too meticulously rehearsed at times, which is perhaps only to be expected for an artist so dedicated to the conceptual. Acts as iconic as Björk are often put on a pedestal where people forget that there’s a human being underneath the performance, but, on Saturday, things were ruptured by small moments of joyful imperfection that kept the audience engaged. At one point, she laughed as she slipped up and repeated the tongue-twister lyric "relentlessly restless" during "Wanderlust." Within The Eden Project’s natural amphitheatre, the meaning of the words rang particularly true. Resident Advisor


sur scène

  • Bergur Þórisson
  • Katie Buckley
  • Manu Delago
  • Viibra (flutists)


habillée par

  • Hungry
  • James Merry
  • Peter Movrin


  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Encyclopedia Pictura
  • Jesse Kanda
  • Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones


  • Santiago Felipe