date titre publication type thèmes
01.01.2005 Björk’s aural embroidery Guitar Player interview Medúlla
05.02.2005 Björk - The fashion radical who wears her music on her sleeve Telegraph Magazine interview
Drawing restraint 9
Army Of Me - Remixes and Covers
28.02.2005 Björk - Triumph of a Heart musicOMH chronique Medúlla
01.03.2005 Björk Uncut Spoon Magazine interview
13.03.2005 ‘Maybe I’ll be a feminist in my old age’ The Observer portrait Medúlla
Army Of Me - Remixes and Covers
19.05.2005 Army Of Me : Remixes & Covers Wears The Trousers chronique
Army Of Me - Remixes and Covers
01.06.2005 ビョーク - Medúlla Sound and Recording couverture Medúlla
08.06.2005 Stripes PopMatters chronique Army Of Me - Remixes and Covers
15.07.2005 Drawing Restraint 9 ★★★★☆ The Guardian chronique Drawing restraint 9
17.07.2005 The Life Aquatic The Independent interview Drawing restraint 9
17.07.2005 Born again Björk The Scotsman interview Drawing restraint 9
21.07.2005 Björk on the wild side The Daily Telegraph (UK) interview Drawing restraint 9
22.07.2005 The Music from Matthew Barney’s ‘Drawing Restraint 9’ The Independent chronique Drawing restraint 9
01.08.2005 Cross Platform The Wire chronique Drawing restraint 9
10.08.2005 Spotlight on Björk Iceland Review journal Drawing restraint 9
30.08.2005 Drawing Restraint 9 - 7/10 Prefix Magazine chronique Drawing restraint 9
01.09.2005 Björk, Barney & The Whalers Dazed & Confused vol 2 n°29 interview Drawing restraint 9
01.09.2005 Entretien : Björk par Marie Darrieussecq Beaux Arts magazine interview Drawing restraint 9
01.09.2005 Les métamorphoses de Björk Keyboard Recording interview
Drawing restraint 9
20.11.2005 New Björk New York Magazine interview Drawing restraint 9

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