1er février 2022

Shrine Auditorium

Los Angeles, Etats-Unis
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‘Cornucopia’ Concert Review : Four Decades Into a Masterful Career, Björk’s Art Is Bolder Than Ever
Although the spotlight was on the world of “Utopia,” the piece occasionally dipped into to thematically relevant hits from Björk’s back catalogue, such as “Vespertine” opener “Hidden Place” and “Debut” standout “Venus as a Boy.” Reconfigured fan favorites added to the underlying discomfort of the show, anytime otherness layered on the mind and body experience ; off-key crowd warbles singing along to “Pagan Poetry” only added another layer of dissonance. Singer Serpentwithfeet, dressed in a crisp suit, stepped out for a blistering “Blissing Me” duet that sounded like crossed radio wires from another dimension. Even the belly-deep feel of bass that rattled seats or strobes so bright they forced eyes closed were key parts of this decadent, poison-glazed feast for the senses at Planet Björk. And while a projected speech from environmental activist Greta Thunberg during the encore brought the production to a sobering conclusion, it’s nice to imagine that the key to saving the environment is to run around an enchanted forest with Björk.


The Mystery and Marvel of Björk : The Cornucopia Tour Live at the Shrine in LA
Björk wasn’t going to allow that message to get lost amid the night’s poetry and layers of light. In a time of coronavirus and climate disaster, the singer is using her time on the road wisely, sharing her poignant sound and vision with a warning about worse troubles that could still lie ahead for everyone.

Flood Magazine


01. Family (intro)
02. The Gate
03. Utopia
04. Arisen My Senses
05. Show Me Forgiveness
06. Venus as a Boy
07. Claimstaker
08. Isobel
09. Blissing Me avec Serpentwithfeet
10. flute solo
11. Body Memory
12. Hidden Place
13. Mouth’s Cradle
14. Features Creatures
15. Courtship
16. Pagan Poetry
17. Losss
18. Sue Me
19. Tabula Rasa

Discours de Greta Thunberg

20. Future Forever
21. Notget

sur scène

  • Bergur Þórisson
  • Katie Buckley
  • Manu Delago
  • Serpentwithfeet​
  • Tonality
  • Viibra (flutists)


habillée par

  • Casey Cadwallader