Quirky Bjork Relocates Her Innocence, Explains Video Contest, 20 septembre 2007

Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) — Iceland’s Bjork, the pop star and partner of artist Matthew Barney, last month announced the winner of a contest in which fans vied to produce a music video for her.

The song was ``Innocence,’’ an energetic piece of electronica with the refrain ``Untouchable innocence/It’s still here but in different places.’’

The victors, drawn from almost 500 entries, were a French duo named Fred & Annabelle. Their animated video lifted a funny image of the singer from the cover artwork of the album ``Volta,’’ which includes ``Innocence,’’ and used it to create a virtual performance.

I exchanged e-mails with the pop star, whose 30-city tour makes a stop at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 24.

Hilferty : Why the contest ?

Bjork : I wanted to involve the fans, but in a way where they are making things just like me, not in a Bjork-worship kind of way.

Hilferty : What grabbed you about the winning video ?

Bjork : There were others that perhaps were more original ideas, but this one had emotional content. They had listened to the lyrics and there is an emotional transformation during the video. Also, it is very much in link with the music. So the winner was the one that ``married’’ the song best. Made sure the song and the video aren’t just two separate things but there is the chemistry to make sure that they are communicating.

`Innocent to 2007’

Hilferty : Do you still have untouchable innocence ?

Bjork : ``It’s still here but in different places.’’ I’m innocent to 2007, 2008 ... and the unknown.

Hilferty : What do you hate most about touring ?

Bjork : Being away from loved ones.

Hilferty : Love most ?

Bjork : The shows, the family spirit, when the group starts to gel and the musical rewards start showing.

Hilferty : Is each stop along the tour the same or tailored for each city ?

Bjork : We have 40 songs to choose from, so at sound check I will take in the shape of the room, the mood, the weather or what happened that day. I usually write the set list only like an hour before the show.

Hilferty : What will you do for New Yorkers in Madison Square Garden ?

Bjork : Sing.

Hilferty : Where does your voice come from ?

Bjork : My throat.

Hilferty : What are you always striving to achieve in your music ?

Bjork : Unison.

The ``Innocence’’ video can be viewed at or at . Tickets for Bjork’s concert on Sept. 24 can be purchased at .

(Robert Hilferty is a critic for Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are his own.)

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