date titre publication type
01.09.1987 Sweet Sensation Sounds interview
23.09.1988 Sugar On Top Countdown interview
01.11.1989 “World domination or die !” Q Magazine interview
30.11.1989 Icelandic Rock Chicago Tribune interview
20.03.1990 Sugarcubes review Christian Science Monitor chronique
01.02.1992 Still crazy after all these beers Vox interview
24.04.1993 Björk Gundmundsdottir Sygma portrait
01.06.1993 Bad Attitudes Vox interview
10.07.1993 Rebellious Jukebox Melody Maker portrait
01.08.1993 Sulphur and Spice The Wire interview
11.08.1993 Artic Role TimeOut interview
01.10.1993 Björk Guðmundsdóttir’s Record Collection Q Magazine interview
01.11.1993 Björk bonkers ! Mixmag interview
01.11.1993 Björk’s brilliant Debut bridges Jazz and Pop Now Magazine portrait
25.12.1993 Lock up your Guðmundsdóttirs NME interview
30.11.1993 Happy Happy Happy BJÖRK brit awards magazine interview
29.03.1994 The Secret History of Björk Record Collector #175 portrait
31.03.1994 Icy pop Juice interview
01.04.1994 Interview Eralp Baydar Blue Jean interview
29.04.1994 Björkabout—Quaking in Oz Vox interview
15.05.1994 Björk The Sunday Times interview
29.05.1994 Interview avec PJ Harvey et Tori Amos Q magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
02.06.1994 Our friend’s Icelandic !—The secret life of Björk select portrait
02.07.1994 Björk from Ork Details interview
01.08.1994 Björk needs no introduction Dazed & Confused interview
10.08.1994 Björk on the wild side Hotpress interview
01.09.1994 Reel to reel The Wire chronique
02.09.1994 Björk’s big night out i-D Magazine interview
17.11.1994 Björk Rolling Stone n°695 interview
01.12.1994 Ice Ice Baby For Women portrait
01.04.1995 Bites - Hector Zazou The Wire chronique
31.05.1995 Pixie Shtick Details portrait
31.05.1995 Post Review Rolling Stone chronique
01.06.1995 Soundcheck - Post The Wire chronique
01.06.1995 Free Style Vogue USA portrait
01.06.1995 Post Review Mojo chronique
01.06.1995 Kissing to be clever The Face interview
29.06.1995 Post ★★★★ Rolling Stone chronique
30.06.1995 Björk is just a shy girl at heart Who portrait
30.06.1995 Space Cadet Rolling Stone interview
30.06.1995 Cool Eccentric - Björk Entertainment Weekly portrait
01.07.1995 Vanities - Björk Club Vanity Fair portrait
02.07.1995 Post The New York Times chronique
02.07.1995 Björk lives up to debut with ‘Post’ San Francisco Chronicle chronique
13.07.1995 Thoroughly Modern Rolling Stone interview
23.07.1995 Q & A With Björk San Francisco Chronicle interview
24.07.1995 Post orbital bliss Juice interview
31.07.1995 All Together Now Q Magazine portrait
04.08.1995 The Do-It-All Icelander Chicago Sun Times interview
31.08.1995 Interview Curiouser & Curiouser portrait
31.08.1995 The World According to Björk Option interview
01.09.1995 Miss World Spin Magazine interview
30.09.1995 Iceland’s ethereal pop princess breaks the ice US interview
30.09.1995 Call of the Child Vox interview
24.10.1995 Björk US interview
31.10.1995 Björk comin’ on strong UHF interview
12.11.1995 Success And The Solo Mother YOU Magazine portrait
27.11.1995 Björk creating myths in some styles all her own Providence Journal-Bulletin interview
30.11.1995 Björk shows us around her lovely home Sky interview
26.01.1996 Hyperactive Human Behaviour The Independent chronique
30.01.1996 Ssshhhh ! Quiet everybody. Björk’s talking. Raw interview
31.01.1996 Björk Feedback interview
01.02.1996 She Believes in Gnomes Showbizz interview
29.02.1996 Icy Pop Cleo interview
01.03.1996 Beyond Björk Sydney Morning Herald portrait
01.06.1996 Björk’s world Sky Magazine interview
15.06.1996 Bjork did a Session before Dela Soul... IRC internet - chat
20.07.1996 The Fiery Queen goes mad for Phoenix NME interview
31.07.1996 Entretien Björk & Karlheinz Stockhausen Dazed & Confused n°23 interview
entretiens spéciaux
31.08.1996 Freaky Mömma Bust interview
19.09.1996 Björk fan films his death after acid attack The Daily Telegraph (UK) journal
30.11.1996 Björk on Telegram Telegram interview
01.01.1997 Transcript AOL Chat interview
01.01.1997 Interview interview
03.01.1997 Telegram : Album Review Rolling Stone n°772 chronique
18.01.1997 Björk looks to the North Jam ! ( interview
23.01.1997 The Big Meltdown interview
24.01.1997 Björk redeems the remix -* - interview
04.02.1997 Building New Ideas From Familiar Songs The New York Times chronique
26.07.1997 Björk : No Spain, No Gain ! IPC Magazines interview
31.08.1997 Homogenic ★★★★★ AllMusic chronique
31.08.1997 Björk : Growing up gradually Miller Freeman Entertainment interview
31.08.1997 Björk, don’t run Mixmag interview
01.09.1997 Army of She Paper Magazine interview
01.09.1997 Homogenic Sound Cellar chronique
18.09.1997 Northern exposure Metro chronique
26.09.1997 Homogenic Entertainment Weekly chronique
27.09.1997 Björk Sounds the Depths San Francisco Chronicle chronique
01.10.1997 Plaid - Travelling Lite The Wire
01.10.1997 Soundcheck - Homogenic The Wire chronique
01.10.1997 Class of ’97 Dazed & Confused portrait
03.10.1997 Homogenic Rolling Stone chronique
04.10.1997 Homogenic NME interview
05.10.1997 Homogenic The New York Times chronique
01.11.1997 Quiet Fireworks Mojo portrait
01.11.1997 Who the hell does Björk think she is ? Q Magazine interview
07.11.1997 Not so crazy after all these years Scotsman portrait
01.12.1997 The Saga Of Iceland’s Fierce Faerie Request couverture
01.12.1997 Icelandic Divine Magazine ELLE (USA) portrait
01.12.1997 Saga you can dance to Musician interview
01.12.1997 The Outer Limits Spin Magazine interview
01.01.1998 Human techno, fearless electro Keyboard magazine
05.05.1998 Björk free - she’s out of her cage Jam ! ( portrait
15.05.1998 Björk alters the landscape Globe portrait
15.05.1998 Warrior Björk Play On interview
22.05.1998 Icelandic Wonder Straight Ahead The Los Angeles Times interview
21.02.1999 Volumen The New York Times chronique
01.01.2000 How Do You Solve A Problem Like Von Trier ? Sight and Sound couverture
17.05.2000 Screaming success at the scaffold The Guardian journal
18.05.2000 Björk’s Cannes surprise BBC
01.09.2000 A brave new Björk Vogue interview
01.11.2000 SelmaSongs The Wire chronique
01.01.2001 Dancer In The Dark One Guy’s Opinion chronique
01.01.2001 Into the light Spin Magazine chronique
01.01.2001 Consolations of the Musical USA Today chronique
15.01.2001 Lead actress : new names, vets vie (extrait) Variety interview
02.02.2001 Björk Goes Back To Her Music The New York Times portrait
22.02.2001 Dancer in the Dark iF Magazine chronique
26.02.2001 Love or leave it Norman Transcript chronique
28.02.2001 Credit The Director Boston Review chronique
19.04.2001 FWD Interview Fashion Wire Daily interview
01.05.2001 Dancer in the Dark Scope chronique
01.05.2001 Björk Salon portrait
01.06.2001 Björk in Paradise Nylon interview
01.07.2001 I don’t like rock Q Magazine interview
22.07.2001 ‘I used to think I’d live forever...’ The Observer interview
01.08.2001 Soundcheck - Vespertine The Wire chronique
01.08.2001 The Gift of Music - Björk’s Vespertine Dazed & Confused chronique
09.08.2001 The last of the great pop stars The Independent interview
11.08.2001 The Twilight World of Björk NME interview
12.08.2001 Fire & ice Sunday magazine interview
16.08.2001 Who Does Björk Think She Is ? The Daily Telegraph (UK) portrait
23.08.2001 Björk’s new album ‘Vespertine’ is plodding but gorgeous The Philadelphia Inquirer chronique
24.08.2001 Home Alone The Village Voice chronique
25.08.2001 Vespertine Jam ! ( chronique
25.08.2001 France honours singer Björk CNN portrait
26.08.2001 The innovators re-emerge San Francisco Chronicle
27.08.2001 Michael Hubbard musicOMH chronique
28.08.2001 Vespertine PopMatters chronique
30.08.2001 Vespertine The Dallas Morning News chronique
31.08.2001 La styliste Donna Karan interview Björk Interview magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2001 Björk to the Future Harper’s Bazaar portrait
01.09.2001 Vespertine Stylus chronique
01.09.2001 Björk : Vespertine TinyMixTapes chronique
02.09.2001 Sunset Songs The Sunday Herald chronique
04.09.2001 Vespertine Detroit Free Press chronique
05.09.2001 Lose Yourself Portland Mercury chronique
05.09.2001 Judge Björk Slate chronique
10.09.2001 The Secret Life Of Pop Stars Newsweek chronique
17.09.2001 Emotional Landscapes The New Statesman portrait
21.09.2001 Phases and Stages Austin Chronicle chronique
09.10.2001 Vespertine Drawer B chronique
01.01.2002 Thoughts on Dancer In The Dark Ray Cole (website) chronique
01.01.2002 Portraits of Suffering Looking Closer chronique
01.02.2002 Like a bird Review magazine
22.02.2002 Quietly happy The Sunday Telegraph magazine magazine
29.03.2002 Dancer In The Dark The Onion — AV Club chronique
19.04.2002 Vespertine The Onion — AV Club chronique
11.05.2002 Björk : Greatest Hits Blender chronique
29.05.2002 Selmasongs The Onion — AV Club chronique
01.07.2002 The house at carousel corner Sensible Sound chronique
31.07.2002 Dancer in the Dark Arkansas Democrat Gazette chronique
01.08.2002 Interview Exclusive Record Collector #276 interview
09.09.2002 ‘I’m glad you think of me as a nutter’ The Daily Telegraph (UK) interview
02.10.2002 Dancer In The Dark Film Monthly chronique
18.10.2002 The Music Room CNN interview
25.10.2002 ‘In England they think I’m one of the Teletubbies’ The Guardian interview
01.11.2002 Family Tree - Greatest Hits The Wire chronique
01.11.2002 Björk - Greatest Hits musicOMH chronique
05.11.2002 Reinspiring Awe and Devotion The Tech chronique
15.11.2002 Icelandic star Björk says she knows now what it’s like to be a librarian Associated Press interview
17.11.2002 Preview : Human Behaviour The Independent On Sunday chronique
20.11.2002 Greatest Hits BBC chronique
15.12.2002 Family Tree The New York Times chronique
01.01.2003 Cinema Signals Variagate chronique
13.01.2003 Glacier Head The New Yorker chronique
24.02.2003 Greatest Hits PopMatters chronique
01.03.2003 Critical Beats - It’s In Our Hands The Wire chronique
11.06.2003 Sonar Interview Gilles Peterson Show interview
03.08.2003 After one baby and lots of CDs, she’s back San Franciso Chronicle interview
18.08.2003 The Old Ceremony Anew The Village Voice chronique
31.08.2003 Live Box The Independent on Sunday chronique
01.09.2003 Alexander McQueen interwievé par Björk Index Magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
06.09.2003 All Hail The Ice Queen Salon portrait
12.09.2003 All things Björk and beautiful St. Petersburg Times chronique
01.10.2003 Soundcheck - Livebox The Wire chronique
15.10.2003 Transcription of live chat Chat @ ShowStudio interview
internet - chat
01.11.2003 Swing Time Reverse Shot chronique
06.11.2003 Bachelorette Stylus portrait
30.11.2003 The 107 step walk DVD Outsider chronique
30.11.2003 Björk inside out Dazed & confused interview
26.03.2004 Dancer In The Dark Houston Chronicle interview
22.05.2004 Conversation avec Jónsi et Kjarri (Sigur Rós) i-D Magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
13.07.2004 Post Live PopMatters chronique
14.07.2004 Homogenic Live PopMatters chronique
01.08.2004 Medúlla musicOMH chronique
09.08.2004 Björk’s Saga The New Yorker chronique
13.08.2004 Passions in a cold climate The Independent interview
14.08.2004 ‘This time it’s intuition only — no brain, please’ The Daily Telegraph (UK) interview
26.08.2004 Mom conceives new uses for her lungs, mouth, and throat Village Voice chronique
27.08.2004 Medúlla The Independent chronique
27.08.2004 Medúlla ★★★★★ The Guardian chronique
29.08.2004 Björk Grabs The World By the Throat The New York Times chronique
30.08.2004 Medúlla BBC chronique
31.08.2004 Medúlla - 9/10 Prefix Magazine chronique
01.09.2004 Soundcheck - Medúlla The Wire chronique
01.09.2004 Medúlla Jam ! ( chronique
01.09.2004 Medúlla BBC Manchester chronique
01.09.2004 Björk : Pagan Poetry Stylus Magazine portrait
03.09.2004 Guided by Voices Entertainment Weekly interview
06.09.2004 Voices Carry Newsweek interview
06.09.2004 Medúlla Entertainment Weekly Online chronique
09.09.2004 Rocking our world The St. Petersburg Times interview
02.10.2004 Choir of me New Zealand Listener chronique
12.10.2004 Medúlla PopMatters chronique
01.11.2004 Björk Interview Magazine interview
01.01.2005 Björk’s aural embroidery Guitar Player interview
05.02.2005 Björk - The fashion radical who wears her music on her sleeve Telegraph Magazine interview
28.02.2005 Björk - Triumph of a Heart musicOMH chronique
13.03.2005 ‘Maybe I’ll be a feminist in my old age’ The Observer portrait
19.05.2005 Army Of Me : Remixes & Covers Wears The Trousers chronique
08.06.2005 Stripes PopMatters chronique
15.07.2005 Drawing Restraint 9 ★★★★☆ The Guardian chronique
17.07.2005 The Life Aquatic The Independent interview
17.07.2005 Born again Björk The Scotsman interview
21.07.2005 Björk on the wild side The Daily Telegraph (UK) interview
22.07.2005 The Music from Matthew Barney’s ‘Drawing Restraint 9’ The Independent chronique
30.08.2005 Drawing Restraint 9 - 7/10 Prefix Magazine chronique
01.09.2005 Björk, Barney & The Whalers Dazed & Confused vol 2 n°29 interview
20.11.2005 New Björk New York Magazine interview
13.02.2006 The Emma Brockes interview The Guardian interview
05.04.2007 Interview sur Volta XFM interview
17.04.2007 An interview with Björk BrooklinVegan interview
22.04.2007 Björk, Volta The Observer chronique
24.04.2007 Army of She : Planting Flags with Bjork interview
24.04.2007 I’m just doing my best to escape boredom interview
26.04.2007 Interview interview
27.04.2007 I had a little bit of cabin fever The Guardian interview
27.04.2007 Björk on #8 Music for robots interview
30.04.2007 Batty Björk takes us to pop heaven This is chronique
30.04.2007 Volta review Metro uk chronique
30.04.2007 The Venus Volta Time off interview
02.05.2007 The Unusual Suspects TimeOut New York interview
04.05.2007 Björk in collaborative mood on new album The Washington Post journal
04.05.2007 Volta Review Hot Press chronique
05.05.2007 Björk ... Iceland’s Cool Queen The Sun interview
05.05.2007 Volta : Pop CDs of the week The Telegraph chronique
06.05.2007 Violently Happy New York Post journal
07.05.2007 Volta Review Billboard chronique
07.05.2007 Volta ★★★★☆ AllMusic chronique
07.05.2007 Volta Review People Magazine chronique
08.05.2007 Volta review 5.8/10 Pitchfork chronique
08.05.2007 Bjork : an exclusive ! Oh, yeah ! interview
08.05.2007 Björk and the beats behind Volta interview
09.05.2007 Losing Her Origin : Bjork’s Sexy, Violent New Album Volta chronique
09.05.2007 Volta Review BBC chronique
12.05.2007 At home in the unknown Sidney Morning Herald journal
12.05.2007 Any queries? Where you ask the questions Attitude interview
07.06.2007 Interview Spin Magazine interview
13.06.2007 Electro-Pagan Thing Dummy Magazine interview
21.06.2007 ’It’s so exciting to sing outdoors’ interview
08.07.2007 I didn’t like being a celebrity. It’s a service job. Like washing toilets The Observer interview
01.08.2007 An another planet with Björk by Antony Interview Magazine interview
entretiens spéciaux
13.08.2007 Ciao, Bella Fashion Rocks Magazine magazine
23.08.2007 Free spirit The List interview
27.08.2007 I have a lot of respect for people like Debussy The Scotsman interview
30.08.2007 Bjork Finds Her Personal in the Political interview
04.09.2007 The Songwriters Q Magazine interview
09.09.2007 Body language interview
09.09.2007 Bjork Plots Another New Album Before Year’s End Billboard interview
10.09.2007 Björk declares independence is precious Austin360 interview
10.09.2007 Alan Pollard : Facéties techno portrait
20.09.2007 Quirky Bjork Relocates Her Innocence, Explains Video Contest interview
20.09.2007 Björk Zap ! She’s back Montreal Gazette interview
20.09.2007 Who’s the strong and nutty one ? interview
01.10.2007 Le styliste Bernhard Willhelm interview Björk Dazed & Confused n°54 interview
entretiens spéciaux
01.11.2007 Half Child, Half Ancient Harp Magazine interview
13.12.2007 Encyclopedia Pictura : Two nature Boys introduce Björk to a giant Yak Dazed & Confused n°57 interview
01.01.2008 Unlimited Norse power Sydney Morning Herald chronique
02.01.2008 Bjork Discusses "Independence", Videos, Grammys Pitchfork interview
09.01.2008 Bjork dislikes cameras, phones Couriermail interview
16.01.2008 I Know Why the Uncaged Bird Sings Iceland Review portrait
07.02.2008 Making a splash Post Magazine interview
20.02.2008 Interview : Björk interview
22.02.2008 Interview Under the radar interview
25.02.2008 Björk’s Concert in Serbia Cancelled Iceland Review Online
03.03.2008 Björk festival cancellation ‘not due to politics’ NME
03.03.2008 Björk Show Cut Over Kosovo Talk ? “Untrue,” Says Fest Pitchfork Magazine
03.03.2008 Queen of the wildly unpredictable Shanghai Daily chronique
03.03.2008 Björk backs Tibetan independence during Shanghai concert Agentur
04.03.2008 Björk Shouts Out To Tibet During Shanghai Show Billboard
04.03.2008 Björk management : Kosovo WAS behind Exit festival row NME
04.03.2008 Björk Speaks Out About Kosovo Controversy Pitchfork
05.03.2008 Björk’s Tibet protest offends Chinese fans The Guardian
05.03.2008 Björk Exposes China’s Greatest Weakness Huffington Post
05.03.2008 Björk’s protest a sign of things to come for China The Independent
05.03.2008 Björk’s Tibet cry angers fans in China The Daily Telegraph (UK)
07.03.2008 EXIT festival boss : Bjork has ‘open invitation’ to play NME
08.03.2008 Björk : fire and ice portrait
19.03.2008 Bjork’s first interview about China, censorship and "Tibet, Tibet" interview
27.03.2008 Independence Day New Statesman interview
31.03.2008 The Stereogum interview Stereogum interview
31.03.2008 The Volta Face The Big Issue interview
08.04.2008 Creating Björk’s Wanderlust Video Dazed Digital interview
08.04.2008 Björk week on The Lipster The Lipster interview
11.04.2008 The ice maiden interview
16.04.2008 UVPhactory Uses Hair to Create a Raging River for Bjork’s 3D Music Video Wanderlust interview
11.06.2008 Exklusiv auf dem Melt ! : Angriffslustig und kriegerisch interview
01.07.2008 Björk & Andri Snær talks about the struggle for nature The Reykjavik Grapevine interview
entretiens spéciaux
20.07.2009 A Conversation With Björk The Reykjavik Grapevine interview
01.09.2010 Soundcheck - Mount Wittenberg Orca The Wire chronique
29.06.2011 Q&A : Björk Talks Biophilia Stereogum interview
11.07.2011 Questions au Dr. Nicola Dibben interview
28.09.2011 On the Leak of Björk’s Unleakable Album MTV
28.09.2011 Biophilia Live M Magazine interview
29.09.2011 BBC Review chronique
29.09.2011 Apps for small bands too ? M Magazine interview
30.09.2011 Review of Björk at Bestival M Magazine chronique
30.09.2011 Profile of a Sound Sculptor (Henry Dagg) M Magazine interview
07.10.2011 Airwaves Fancy Special - Björk will teach you The Reykjavik Grapevine interview
08.10.2011 Biophilia NME chronique
13.10.2011 Biophilia review 6.2/10 Pitchfork chronique
20.10.2011 Björk - Biophilia ★★★★ Mixmag chronique
01.11.2011 Future Shöck Mojo chronique
19.05.2013 Björk takes theatricality up a notch chronique
17.07.2013 Björk’s Echo Beach show in Toronto utterly unstoppable chronique
20.07.2013 Björk at Pitchfork Voices - Sun-Times Blog chronique
31.08.2013 Q&A : Questionnaire de Proust interview
entretiens spéciaux
15.10.2013 Q&A : Bjork on the evolving music industry, Kickstarter and Spotify Wired Blog interview
01.05.2014 Review : “Biophilia” (Tribeca Film Festival Exclusive) mrwillwong chronique
20.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★☆☆ Slant Magazine chronique
20.01.2015 Vulnicura ★★★★★ Press play ok chronique
22.01.2015 The Invisible Woman Pitchfork interview
entretiens spéciaux
22.01.2015 Vulnicura (3,5/4) LA Times chronique
09.03.2015 Behind The Scenes Of Björk’s Insane, Immersive Room-Sized Music Video Fast Company
09.03.2015 Björk’s black lake director on iceland, special effects and facing criticism i-D Magazine
12.03.2015 "I couldn’t just write a disco song" The Guardian interview
15.03.2015 From breakup to beautiful art Stuff portrait
10.06.2015 Björk Facebook Q&A Dazed & Confused interview
internet - chat
04.08.2016 Vulnicura Live review ★★★★ Record Collector Magazine chronique
31.08.2016 Björk : ‘I build bridges between tech and the human things we do’ The Guardian journal
01.09.2016 Björk Digital review – to virtual reality and beyond ★★★☆☆ The Guardian chronique
02.09.2016 Björk on her inspirations : a drag queen, a videogame, a knitwear prodigy and more The Guardian Guide magazine
22.09.2016 Björk, Royal Albert Hall The Arts Desk chronique
22.09.2016 Björk, tour review : A soul-baring spectacular Evening Standard chronique
22.09.2016 Björk live at the Royal Albert Hall Uncut chronique
22.09.2016 Björk, tour review : A soul-baring spectacular ★★★★★ Standard chronique
22.09.2016 I’ve never seen the Albert Hall react quite like this The Telegraph chronique
25.09.2016 Scenes from a marriage ★★★★☆ The Guardian chronique
26.09.2016 Björk orchestrates the hearts of her awe-struck audience Crack Magazine chronique
18.10.2016 Björk Digital immerses visitors in singular singer’s world Montreal Gazette
20.10.2016 Meet Andrew Thomas Huang, The Filmmaker Behind Björk’s Stunning VR Videos redbullmusicacademy
21.02.2017 Superhuman Behaviour ! Björk her secrets revealed Uncut couverture
08.05.2017 Björk’s Words of Wisdom on Technology, Multitasking, and Collaboration Pitchfork interview
17.05.2017 Bjork Explains the Immersive VR Exhibit She’s Bringing to L.A. and Her Obsession With Beyonce LA Weekly interview
18.05.2017 ’Björk Digital’ : Sonic dreams become virtual reality in downtown L.A. LA Times interview
22.09.2017 20th anniversary of Homogenic BBC Radio 6 chronique
12.11.2017 Björk’s new tune The Observer interview
14.11.2017 Björk’s New Album Is a Love Letter to Optimism The New York Times interview
24.11.2017 Utopia - Album of the week 9.5/10 chronique
26.11.2017 Utopia review – a lush, airy fresh start ★★★★☆ The Guardian chronique
01.12.2017 Björk is full of love again and wants us to embrace utopia chronique
07.05.2019 Björk Guest-Edit : In Conversation with Maggie Nelson Another Magazine magazine
entretiens spéciaux
10.05.2019 Björk and Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing on Their Otherworldly Fashion Collaboration Vogue internet - chat
01.01.2020 Björk’s Cornucopia : From a lighthouse in Iceland to the O2 Arena PSN Europe interview
23.10.2020 Björk + Arca i-D Magazine n°361 - AW 2020 couverture
19.01.2022 Bjork talks her ‘post-ecstatic’ tour and new album Mercury News interview
26.01.2022 Björk’s response to the pandemic ? ‘Dance like a crazy person’ LA Times interview
01.09.2022 S1:E3 Homogenic Sonic Symbolism podcast
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2022 S1:E1 Debut Sonic Symbolism podcast
entretiens spéciaux
01.09.2022 S1:E2 Post Sonic symbolism podcast
entretiens spéciaux
09.09.2022 S1:E4 Vespertine Sonic symbolism interview
entretiens spéciaux