Exklusiv auf dem Melt ! : Angriffslustig und kriegerisch , 11 juin 2008

INTRO-writer Dirk Mönkemöller talked with the Icelandic Pop-Avangardist about China, Hooliganism and a future collaboration with Sigur Rós ... In July Björk plays her only German festival performance at Melt !

Will you perform at this year’s openingscelebration of the Olympics in China ?

They actually did ask me again, if i wanted to do it, but it didn’t feel right. I think singing at the Olympics is a very meaningful thing, anything that tops that is too much.

With what kind of band do you perform this year and is there a certain concept for the shows ? Can one expect spectaculair costumes or unusual clothing from your part ?

There are 10 Icelandic girls who take on the brass instruments. Mark Bell and Damien Taylor control diverse electronic instruments. Chris Corsano plays drums/percussions and at keyboards Jónas Sen can be heard. If there is a concept it would be agressive and warriorlike, drenched in neon and barbarousness. But maybe i will surprise you and will wear something artless and boring.

What do your recent album Volta and hooliganism have in common ?

There’s a little hooliganism in Volta and some voltage in hooliganism.

You seem to really like to get busy with technical stuff and computers, in music as well as in film. Don’t you feel bored by computers ?

I actually work a lot with accoustic and classical instruments. My voice is accoustic, computers are pure tools for me.

What kind of relationship do you currently have with your native country, do you still travel between New York and Iceland and do you need these extremes in your life ?

Thats right, i’m in between these 2 places, but besides that i just travel a lot. It can be tough at times, but Iceland will always be my homecountry.

Have you already worked with Sigur Rós ? What do you think of him ?

We’ve been seeing eachother off and on in Bars in Reykjavík for quite a while now, maybe we’ll record a song together this summer, we’ll have to see.

Have you seen images of the location in Ferropolis, where Melt ! takes place and have you already heard of it prior and if yes, did it influence your decision to perform there ?

I almost knew nothing about the location. We were looking for a fitting place to perform in Germany, because the Volta tour still hasn’t been there yet. In between i googled the location and was very impressed by it.

Why do you only play one show in Germany ? What made you decide to choose Melt ! Festival for this exclusive performance ?

Things simply developed that way, the line-up, being near Berlin, the date.

What’s the rarest place you ever performed ?

My livingroom.

Many big festivals are often problematic for expermental pop-acts, who don’t give the audience exactly what they want : mainstream songs that people can sing along and dance to. Have you ever had a bad experience , when for example the audience were waiting for a band like say The Foo Fighters and meanwhile get a musical experience of the special art from you ?

Hmmm, i’d try to make it at the front of the artist’s stage at an early time, also at the festivals i am headlining at. I try to avoid to play in such an mood also because very few of my songs fit such an atmosphere. But i can examine/oversee it, personally i would like to see the artists in the afternoon in a sober state to then, afterwards, after a couple of drinks, dance to movement-orientated music. That’s the beauty of music it gives something fitting for every situation.

Have you ever thought of combining the work of the men in your life with your own liveshow ? If not, why ?

In the past years there have been many discussions about a lot of stuff, but they didn’t take shape very well. Luckily life often goes a lot more abstract when one plans it.

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