the tour

Wasn’t the atmosphere of the ’Vespertine’ tour - the band atmosphere, you, Mamots and Zeena - like a kind of essence, with the girls from Greenland and Simon added in ?
Zeena had been in from the start of course. We’d been working together for more than a year when the tour started. Working with Matmos on ’Vespertine’ was maybe a bit different, because they didn’t join the recording session until the end. But their role was still important, as far as thinking out how the beat was produced. Non-instruments - instruments. The story behind that goes back a couple of years. They came to New York in January 2001 and the tour started in August. We worked together for several months. At first, we only performed at small venus. It was those loft performances and Riverside Church where the core for the big tour was formed : me, Zeena and Matmos. Valuable experience, an essence that all the rest was built around.

Livebox interview, 2002