the tour

I didn’t really think about the locations of this tour until after I wrote ’Vespertine’. So maybe a year ago we started planning.

I never had the ambition to sing in an opera house but when we looked into playing in churches, because I prefer to sing without microphones, we found it easier to go to places which are already designed for singing acoustically. So opera houses were the logical choice.

Apart from that, they stand in every town. I’m a little bit afraid that it is a statement, but I hope that people will forgive me. I am still doing pop music and don’t have the feeling that it became suddenly too serious. Those opera houses are purely picked because of accoustic reasons.

Yeah, I mean we all know the difference of singing in the bathroom, for example, or in a corridor or underneath your blanket in bed. It’s very different sounds. And the sound in an opera house is like... You can whisper in an opera house and it sounds like chocolate.

DRS3, 28 august.2001