12 avril 2018


Reykjavik, Islande

2ème concert de répétition générale pour la tournée Utopia
Capacité : environ 1 000 personnes


Utopia Found : Björk’s Lush New Live Show Reviewed
It’s hard to find the words to express how one feels after seeing Björk perform, and I’m certainly not the only who feels this way. When she walks out on stage, her presence has a way of slapping a big smile onto your face. The experience of Björk’s second and final “dress rehearsal” show in Iceland for her upcoming ‘Utopia’ tour was no exception. We were invited into her Utopian audio-visual spectacle that was a complete immersion of the senses into her world ; a place that radiated with beauty, softness, and femininity.

sur scène

  • Bergur Þórisson
  • Katie Buckley
  • Manu Delago
  • Viibra (flutists)


habillée par

  • Hungry
  • James Merry


  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Jesse Kanda
  • Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones


  • Santiago Felipe