Björk à propos de Atom Dance

I wanted to write a song about love in the most kind of universal way. Not in a personal way, like, uh, ode to love and I wanted to find the common thread in like Sufi and Vikivaki. And so I wrote the song in like 5/4 so it’s cyclical that could turn round and round and round kind of how some of the Sufi whirling dervishes when they’re turning in circles, the sort of trance you get into. This is actually the one song on Vulnicura which I spend most time in. And actually the oldest song in Vulnicura I wrote it, it almost made it to Biophilia. So it was when I was thinking about different rhythms and cyclical patterns and math. And then it didn’t make it to Biophilia because basically it took me like three years to write this one. Not constantly but I kept going back to it and improving it and improving it. I wrote the lyric with Oddny Eir and Anoni was singing it. I asked her to sing it with me.

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