Björk à propos du titre Quicksand

I’d been trying to put some beats to Quicksand and nothing worked,” Björk says. “It’s a song about my mother who had a heart attack and she was in a coma for six days – she’s much better now – so it’s in a different category to all my other songs because I’d never written a song about my mother before.
“I heard John’s beat online and I knew immediately that it would fit exactly with the song. I contacted him and it was very awkward because I had never worked like this before. I said to him, ‘it seems like I’ve made a mash-up of your song and my song and this is what we got. Are you okay with this, can I release it, how do you feel about this ?’ John said yes and we put it on the album. I was really lucky that he was up for it.

Irish Times - Mars 2015