Lifes Too Good

Well I had to listen to it a year ago because we did a concert in Iceland, the Sugarcubes. It was weird because I was on a boat and I was in Tunisia and we were sailing from town to town, and I would take the bicycle, and bicycle with my Ipod around Tunisian villages and listen to Life’s Too Good.

And I was like "what were we on ?" I mean it actually surprised me how—I mean when I look back now I feel like I was a baby then—but it actually surprised me how formed, I mean as a group, like the ideas, the lyrics stuff that we were actually really—maybe it’s like when you’re in your teens and early twenties when you form your views of the world, and then you sort of stick pretty much to them. I mean songs like "God does not exist" and and other stuff like that. I guess it’s pretty teenage as well, you sort of make Important Statements. Yeah.

New Zealand Herald (Online) 19 November 2007