the joke

My time with the Sugarcubes was one of the "most magical" periods of my
life. We were six persons who really loved eachother to death. We were
friends, we had known eachother forever, we started a band, more or less
as a joke - and people took us seriously !

We just laughed. Three of us were poets who were seen as the most
promising in the country and what do we do ? Go to Texas and do
guitarsolos. Of course we couldn’t live on a joke forever. It just
wasn’t fun in the end.

Finally we found ourselves in the rock’n’roll dressingrooms playing
"Spinal Tap" and nobody had written a single line in four years. This
time meant a lot to me and I learned incredibly much, but in the end it
all just felt so unhealthy.

VeckoRevyn 1995-06-28