choosing the name

We could have called us The Lollipops or something, like a joke, you know ? We were kind of working for the establishment abroad that we were fighting in Iceland, so it was really weird.

Obviously we said no to 90 per cent of all the offers we had, just because we can. And then five years later it was taking up all our time ; all we were doing was, like we had an empty office and piles of unsold books. And what was supposed to be the most promising poet of his
generation hadn’t written a book for four or five years because he was doing soundchecks in Texas.

When we formed it we thought OK, we’ll do it just for one night, and then it was "let’s do it for a few months" and then "let’s do an album," and the fact it lasted for five years was really surprising. But the good thing about it was that I know a lot of bands who have as many dressing-rooms as there are members and this kind of thing, and we never had we never had that problem. The few times we had two or three dressing-rooms, we were all in the same one. It was a laugh all the way
to the end.

The Times, 2 august 2001