Polydor thought `Motorcrash’ was "offensive".

Björk, radiating bemusement : The lyrics are not really offensive, not at all. They are about a little girl who is out biking, and she sees a motor crash, and no police has arrived yet, and there is a car with parents in the front and children in the back and they’re all wounded. And she wants to help them - so it’s a really nice song.

So she takes the mother - cos she likes mothers the most of people - and sneaks her back to her home, and nurses her there, sort of puts plastic stuff on her, and dries off her wounds, and gives her milk and biscuits, because she likes that herself, and steals a dress from her mother - nobody knows about this, it’s totally secret - and when finally the woman wakes up, and when she’s totally healed, they sneak out, take a taxi to the home of the woman and the children are there, already healed, and the husband opens the door and they take the costumes off and say, We’re back ! But the husband gets very angry and says, Where have you been all this time ? And then the song is over.

It’s just a little girl and she wants to do something, but she’s so clumsy ... I guess it’s because it’s called `Motorcrash’. They don’t like songs that are called that...

Sounds, septembre 1987