15 mai 2007

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Denver , États-Unis

Björk a déjà donné un concert au Red Rocks Arena lors de la tournée Greatest Hits en 2003. Ce site est exceptionnel par son environnement naturel composé de rochers rouges monumentaux.

Première partie : Joanna Newsom


5 Years et I Miss You interprétés pour la première fois sur la tournée Volta.


Maximum thrills in Bjork’s minimalism

While any Bjork show is an exercise in minimalism, the Icelandic singer of few words always finds an extravagant and fresh way to present her material in a new fashion that manages to surprise even the die-hards.

Following the aesthetics and set list (to an extent) of her first North American show of this tour, a headlining slot at the recent Coachella Music Festival, Bjork’s show Tuesday night at Red Rocks was an experiment in sonics, technology, emotion and, of course, off-the-wall fashion.

Wearing elfin slippers, a puffy, American Indianesque rainbow dress, black tights and warrior paint on her face, Bjork was sprightly as usual, skipping through the set-opening "Earth Intruders" and tip-toeing her way through a Japanese folk-inspired "Venus As a Boy."

She’s a stunning live performer, as enigmatic as she is accessible. And her instrumental approach to this current tour lies in a 10-piece all-female brass section and multiple percussionists alternating between traditional drum kits and tabletop touch-screen interfaces called re-actables.

The brassy, beat-heavy approach worked better for some songs than it did others.

"All Is Full of Love" was a heady epic full of life and jubilance. The song - and her performance of it Tuesday - was a reminder of Bjork’s epic arrangement skills, not to mention her keen ability to pick the right producers and collaborators.
Besides being one of her most emotionally sweeping songs, "Joga" is also one of her most solid compositions. The song, backed by her mammoth horn section, was the evening’s defining moment.

The crowd obviously reacted more enthusiastically to Bjork’s older material - explaining the massive freakout during her neo-industrial bomb blast, "Hyperballad" - but her new material holds up pertly alongside her more recognized work.
She showed plenty of love to "Volta," her new record, out last week. The pretty yet disquieting "Wanderlust" was thrown down as a quiet rager, and "Earth Intruders," which was inspired by her visits to tsunami-ravaged Indonesia, was a gigantic celebration of rhythm.

It’s fair to say that "Volta" is Bjork’s rhythmic masterpiece. While she has set trends in trip-hop and future-pop - in melody, rhythm and presentation - this is her boldest move so far.

She showed her new record’s subtler side, by singing solo a beautifully shortened version of "The Dull Flame of Desire." (On "Volta," it’s a duet with Antony.) But she also flexed her muscle with "Earth Intruders," a perversely dark "Army Of Me," an unabashedly dancey "I Miss You" and a feedbacky, cutthroat "Declare Independence" that capped off the encore with a bright smack of a kiss.

Ricardo Baca - denverpost.com

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison Colorado USA



01. Earth Intruders
02. Venus as a boy
03. Aurora
04. Dull flame of desire
05. All is full of love
06. Pleasure is all mine
07. Vokuro
08. Jóga
09. I miss you
10. Army of me
11. Innocence
12. Wanderlust
13. Immature
14. 5 Years
15. Hyperballad
16. Pluto
17. Oceania
18. Declare independence

sur scène

  • Chris Corsano
  • Damian Taylor
  • Jónas Sen
  • Mark Bell
  • Wonderbrass (Icelandic Brass Section)

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  • Bernhard Willhelm
  • The Icelandic Love Corporation