22 mai 2019

The Shed - The McCourt

New York, États-Unis

Photos par Santiago Felipe


In the first half of the show, Björk lays out Utopia’s thesis across the curtained screens, urging the audience to : “Imagine a future. Be in it.” This particular utopian vision is a matriarchy free of capitalist values that threaten the future — represented by the youth choir — as well as our fragile ecosystem. It echoes some of the themes Björk addressed on 2011’s Biophilia, which wrought her last extensive tour as well as an educational project. Cornucopia’s formal run, pre-encore, closes with “Tabula Rasa,” a song that is initially directed at her daughter, who she wishes a life “immersed in grace and dignity.” Midway through, the perspective shifts, and Björk becomes a matriarch to all as she sings that it is time “for us women to rise and not just take it lying down/ It is time/ The world is listening.”

At the conclusion, Björk thanked the audience and shuffled offstage. The room went dark for a few minutes, and then the audience was treated to a message from Greta Thunberg, the teen Swedish activist who has led global student protests for climate justice. She speaks directly to the crowd, urging adults in the room to take responsibility for her future and for the future of children everywhere. Her message is explicitly anti-capitalist : “It is the suffering of many who pay for the luxuries of the few.” The irony of hearing those words in Hudson Yards, of all places, wasn’t lost on me, but I found the massive projection of Thunberg’s youthful face to be deeply affecting. Here is a real-world example of someone who is trying, against all odds, to make another future possible. Björk’s work is fantasy, Thunberg’s is based in harsh reality, and the intersection of the two grounded Cornucopia in the now. Stereogum


Première partie

par Hamrahlid Choir
01. Ísland, farsælda frón
02. Vísur vatnsenda-rósu
03. Sonnets/Unrealities XI
04. Cosmogony
05. Maríukvæði


01. Family (intro)
02. The Gate
03. Utopia
04. Arisen My Senses
05. Show Me Forgiveness
06. Venus as a Boy
07. Claimstaker
08. Isobel
09. Blissing Me (avec serpentwithfeet)
11. Body Memory
12. Hidden Place
13. Mouth’s Cradle
14. Features Creatures
15. Courtship
16. Pagan Poetry
17. Losss
18. Sue Me
19. Tabula Rasa

Discours de Greta Thunberg

20. Future Forever
21. Notget

sur scène

  • Bergur Þórisson
  • Katie Buckley
  • Manu Delago
  • serpentwithfeet​
  • The Hamrahlíð Choir
  • Viibra

habillée par

  • Hungry
  • Iris van Herpen
  • James Merry
  • John Vial
  • Olivier Rousteing


  • Andrew Thomas Huang
  • Tobias Gremmler
  • Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones


  • Santiago Felipe