26 mai 2007

Sasquatch ! Festival

George (WA), États-Unis


Barefoot and dressed in a billowing gold dress, Björk kicked her set off with a stomping version of "Earth Intruders", and though she tried out other songs from Volta (including an Antony-less version of "The Dull Flame of Desire"), the biggest cheers of the evening were for classic cuts like "Joga" and "Hyperballad". As on her recent tour, she was joined onstage by an Icelandic woman’s brass choir, who seemed to have flags growing from their heads. But their instruments added a visceral tang to the arrangements— especially the older hits. "All Is Full Of Love" was the makeout anthem of the festival : As soon as it began, four couples around me started slow dancing, and the ones I passed nestled into the hillside, wrapped in blankets were all kissing. I think Björk would have approved. (pichtforkmedia.com)

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01. Earth Intruders
02. Hunter
03. Pagan Poetry
04. Dull Flame Of Desire
05. All Is Full Of Love
06. I See Who You Are
07. The Pleasure Is All Mine
08. Joga
09. I Miss You
10. 5 Years
11. Army of Me
12. Innocence
13. Mother Heroic
14. Wanderlust
15. Hyperballad
16. Pluto
17. Oceania
18. Declare Independence

sur scène

  • Chris Corsano
  • Damian Taylor
  • Jónas Sen
  • Mark Bell
  • Wonderbrass (Icelandic Brass Section)

habillée par

  • Bernhard Willhelm