All Is Full Of Love

That song’s from a moment when I’d had a pretty rough winter and then it was a spring morning and I walked outside and the birds were singing : spring is here !

I wrote the song in one day. It just clicked - you know, you’re being too stubborn, don’t be so silly, there’s love everywhere. The feeling, the emotion of the song was like completely melting and loving everything and feeling like everuthing loved you, after a long time of not having that.

The song, in essence, is actually about believing in love. Love isn’t just about two persons, it’s everywhere around you. Even if you’re not getting love from Person A, it doesn’t mean there’s not love there. Obviously, it’s taking the piss too - it’s the most sugary song ever.

’All Is Full Of Love’ was written after the rest of Homogenic wich I’d wanted to be an agressive, macho album. In Icelandic mythology, you have this saga where the gods get agressive and the world explodes and everything dies and then the sun comes up and everything starts all over again. It’s the last track on Homogenic after ’Pluto’ wich stands for death. ’All Is Full Of Love’ is like the birds coming out after the thunderstorm.

In a way, in my head, ’All Is Full Of Love’ is the first song on Vespertine.

Record Collector, August 2002