Björk à propos du titre Bachelorette

bachelorette for me is part three, of 3 songs
1 : "human behaviour" is the childhood
2 : "isobel" a story of a girl that leaves nature for the big city
she is run by impulse so she gets misunderstood amongst urban logic
it is instinct versus logic. she gets burned so
she retreats to rural to heal and isolates herself
but trains moths to go back to the city and fly
infront of the faces of people who are stuck in
making too much sense and say "na na na na"
until they snap out of it.
3 : "bachelorette" is then about following the moths
returning again to the city but with strength
wounded and wiser confronting coldness with love
therefore i wanted the arrangements to be romantic,
as epic as possible, the grandiousestest drama ever
but still with love

Björk - Octobre 2021