less toys

I’ve definitely become more mature, yeah. And when you grow up, you need less toys. You also notice that as a musician. Debut and Post were full of little toys ; it was very simple to draw the attention with that for 45 minutes. Every minute new gadgets were introduced.

Later I thought : that’s actually a bit too easy. It would be a far greater challenge to record a double album with only one teaspoon and keep it exciting for two hours as well. So I figured, Homogenic should be made with less tools. Come as you are. Beats, violins and vocals, and trying to cover the entire emotional spectrum with that. Preferably the same spectrum as on Debut and Post. Look, those records showed the different sides of Björk, but it was also like : Björk goes on a journey and meets all kinds of exciting, inspiring people. That were all those musicians, mixers and producers who worked with me. Homogenic is : Björk stays home.

Oor, September 1997