I dare you

When I was finishing Post, I started singing this. Well, I didn’t know how I was going to feel. But it’s like Bjork leaves Iceland-it’s like a Tin Tin book-and goes to these other countries. Bjork in America, Bjork in Congo. I knew I was going to go on a mission, which was very hard for me ’cause I’m a very family-oriented person and though people may think I’m raving mad - and I probably am - I’ve always had basic, little village upbringing. It was scary to leave all that. I was on a four-year mission, I became an action junkie. If something didn’t happen for two hours I’d make a call, cut a deal, it was really sick. I wanted action, to have this feeling like I’m risking everything or I’m bored.

Then last September everything exploded. My unconscious had asked for that. A lot of things ended in my life. I went to Spain in the same week and crashed. I’d been holding mV breath in London for four years.

Emotionally, this album is about hitting rock bottom and earning your way up. So it’s the darkest album I’ve done emotionally, but it’s got a lot of hope. ’Okay, I’m on the bottom but I’m fucking going there.’ It’s the darkest, but the bravest.

Raygun, September 1997