In ’Immature,’ you sing, ’How could I be so immature to think that he could replace the missing elements in me.’

Then, ’How extremely lazy of me.’ (giggles)

Isn’t the perfect relationship about filling in those holes in each other, so that two people become one ?

Yeah, that’s what I thought (sadly). But I don’t know, really. I used to have all these opinions about love because I’m fierce, a helpless romantic. What happened is my expectations about romance were there (motions to one side of the table, then the other), but what was really happening was here. The elastic stretched so much, it cracked. And now I’m more realistic about things.

I love so many people. Your mate doesn’t have to replace everything. I don’t know and I’m not going to pretend I do. It’s back to basics, being self-sufficient. Now I’m back to how I was as a kid when I used to spend most of my time alone. So I’m spending time by myself and enjoying it very much. It sounds sad, but when I was a kid I didn’t really have friends. The most magical moments I had in my life I had alone. Like climbing mountains or swimming or singing or listening to music.

Raygun, September 1997