Violently Happy

I want to give and I want to tell stories. I was like that as a kid. I wanted to go to my grandmother’s house and if she was feeling grumpy or something, I wanted to make her happy by singing to her a song. It’s probably quite naive but that’s what drives me. I’m a storyteller and I love telling stories : I wanna be generous.

Do I put a lot of my private life on record ? I think you feel it when you are revealing too much when you write a song. It’s just the same as if you go out with a mate and get drunk and get to the ’truth’ stage and you wake up next day and think ’fuck, what did I say ?’. Sometimes you feel fine, sometimes you feel embarrassed, sometimes you feel a friend has told you something they shouldn’t have. I think our instincts know when you’ve given too much.

Record Collector, August 2002, August 2002