doing it live

To leave Iceland was a very big decision for me. Pride. Mission. To London. I became an Icelandic immigrant in England. Conscious. Decision. When I started the audition for my band, I found myself after watching many hundreds of people play, with a group of immigrants. Iran, India, Turkey, Saint Kitts. And all these people were very proud of where they come from. Obsessed. The youth. Dance culture.

When I do my album, it was very much a collection of the songs I’ve written in private, for the last 10 years, like pure. So when I start to organize, to play the songs live, I knew straight ahead that it has to be something completely different. Solid. Position. Trust eachother.

I knew immediately that the people I had to find - first I thought about fifteen - had to be musically from all sorts of different directions. It took a while for all these people to melt together because they were almost puritanist in what music they like. Working 24 hours, spontaneous, together, and for us to come from such different culture and from such different musical style too, it was very fascinating.

Vessel DVD