the video for Big Time Sensuality

I had seen the “Red Hot Chilli Peppers“ video that he did, sort of black and white and silver, and I want to do a video to song called “ Big Time Sensuality“, and I was very aware that I want it to be quite different from “Human Behavior“, which is more sort of epic story-telling thing. ‘Big Time Sensuality’ was more like a personal statement, it has to be very in-your-face. Then he called up, a little later, with something he taugh he was even better, basicly to get a truck and drive up and down manathan as long as the light would last. I guess the idea to put someone on a truck , and kinda drive the truck, and you have to dance really instensely, and just the elements of danger at the top of that, do it in a city like New York. I think the policeman, very aggressive, asking us to try to stop to do it and we were kind bit like , we were kinda like anarchists not stopping
, the police were after us .Then, you get all those people who actually want to jump on the truck and take part like ; “ Are you doing a movie ? Can I take part of it ? We had very big speakers and were blasting the song, everybody was kinda listening, and you know how New York people are, they’re very sort of open anyway, they were clapping and dancing along, it was a bit of a performance statement. It was a great day, we had great laughs.

Stéphane Sednaoui DVD, 2005