Duo formé par Eddie Broken Note et Jason Morrison, signé sur MTA Records. Leur musique se caractérise par un son dubstep décomplexé.

Travail avec Björk

- Participation sur les titres Crystalline et Mutual Core
- Hollow (16-bit remix)
- Mutual Core (16bit-remix)

Björk à propos de 16bit

I had a drunk night with Chris Cunningham and he played them to me. I was around when drum & bass got made... and it was weird, because I was such a purist then that I never put it in my music because it was not mine – I thought it would have been like shopping or something. Now, all these years later, you get the next generation. It was really interesting when they put that drum & bass loop at the end of “Crystalline”. I was just like... wow !
Source : Dazed & Confused 204 +++


Crystalline (Serban Ghenea Mix) sur iTunes FR
16bit, un projet avec Björk


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