Performeur et drag queen de la scène berlinoise.

Travail avec Björk

- Direction artistique et maquillage pour la pochette Utopia
- Maquillage pour la vidéo de Blissing Me
- Maquillage pour la vidéo d’Utopia
- Photoshoot pour W Magazine par Tim Walker (novembre 2017)
- Photoshoot Utopia par Santiago Felipe

Hungry à propos de sa collaboration avec Björk

How did you begin working with Björk ?
James Merry, the artist behind Björk’s stunning handcrafted masks and now silicone pieces, approached me over Instagram. It pretty much came out of the blue, but he must have noticed me and apparently she then saw one of my makeup [looks] and really felt it fit the concept of Utopia.

How was it working with her ?
It’s a beautiful environment to be working in. I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t done many big productions or video shoots before. I think I only had painted one person in a "Hungry" face before her, so everything was a first. But I knew my skill-set and I knew I could handle most anything they might throw my way. Afterwards I was extremely relieved to find it to be such an inspiring and comfortable work space, and with every shoot I felt our vision align more and more.

What was Björk looking to achieve through Utopia ?
My part in Utopia was just creating one of the characters she had envisioned for part of the album — a very pure, raw creature, found on an island, untouched, unspoiled by anything. Björk saw all that in a concept of mine, so all there was to do was to adapt that to her, as well as James’ specific ideas of it. We found a different way into it every time, which was very interesting.



Hungry’s skills were most recently utilized for the rollout and album cover of Bjork’s upcoming ninth studio album, Utopia. For the cover, Hungry "painted and pearled" the iconic singer and got an "orchid silicone appliance" made by her personal mask maker, James Merry. Bjork stares into the camera with black contacts and a smirk on her face. The image has a sense of eerily detached femininity and while it’s certainly a tamer look compared to Hungry’s other own, the skill here is something to be admired. The Fader


- Portrait dans NY Times (en anglais)

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