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Récemment, j’ai aidé Spike Jonze à réorganiser ses archives et je suis tombé sur ses incroyables photographies de Björk, réalisées pour le magazine Detour (aujourd’hui disparu). En tant que fan, j’ai réalisé que certaines de ces images n’avaient jamais été publiées. [...] Lorsque Spike est venu à Arroz & Fun pour la première fois (ndlr. un restaurant de Los Angeles doté d’une galerie d’art), je lui ai proposé spontanément d’organiser une exposition. Il m’a répondu : "Faisons-le sur Björk et organisons une "exposition surprise".

Humberto Leon, Arroz & Fun Galleria, février 2024

Extrait d’une interview

Humberto Leon : Was it the beginning of the day when you’re in her room and she’s in that orange outfit drinking coffee ?

Spize Jonze : Yeah, probably. And then walked around the garden and ended up at the pool. And Casey [Storm, a costume designer] just had a duffel bag of clothes, so it was just me, Casey, and our other friend Scott, who was my photo assistant and helped me with the whole underwater housing. But it wasn’t a big production in any way. And when I look back, I’m like, How did we shoot that many photos in two, three hours, maybe ? As soon as I met her, it was instantly natural. But before that I thought she was sort of mythical or you don’t know who she is. She’s this mystery from another dimension or something. And then as soon as I met her, I was like, Oh, no, she’s just this awesome Icelandic girl from a punk band. And she’s from that scene, and I’m from this scene, but they’re the same scenes, just from different cities. That’s why she was so down. She didn’t have any entourage. She didn’t have a publicist. She didn’t have a hair and makeup person. I was like, Oh, okay. We’re just going to make something together. Our friendship still sort of meets at that place. She’s just this Icelandic punk who probably can drink a lot more vodka than, well...definitely can drink a lot more vodka than I could.

When Spike Jonze Met Björk, Vogue

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