the video for Innocence

I guess with innocence,it being quite a rythmic track, I could quite easily imagine like animation and quite sort of physical comedy coming into it . I was quite excited about the costume that I wore on the cover which I thought was quite "slapstick", so a mixture of all these things I thought of this idea, why not ask fans to do a video competition so they could use the costume I wore and do quite animated sort of rythm orientated stuff to it. And and to my surprise 400 or 500 videos turned up, and it was actually very tricky to pick and go through everything . So we ended up with like 11 videos that I thought were like great contenders to win and asked the fans again to help me to vote for these 11 ones. I think for me almost the all 11 won, almost won, but we had to pick one so, there you go, It was a very positive experience and a lot of enthusiasm and I’m very amazed about all the work that people put into it, and I go away more positive now when I drive on motorways or fly in airplanes. I look at houses in urban environements and think of all the exciting things that are happening inside them.

MTV2, September 30th 2007