Earth Intruders

I flew straight from [Indonesia] to New York and met with Timbaland, who got a private jet or something and met me in the studio, .So it was like two extreme kinds of worlds. And I’m not criticizing him, I mean, good for him, I can understand it’s a totally different’s really hard to put into words.

Earth Intruders’ was the first beat he [Timbaland] put on, and it just all came up, that sort of fantasy that maybe a tsunami of people would just come and hit the White House and scrape it off the ground and do some justice and spread these people all around the planet...

I could see all these people in Indonesia that lost everything just kind of coming up, and everybody in Africa— because they were asking me to go there and fight, to be one of the people to address AIDS— just seeing those people, one sees pictures, but then meeting them is something else. Just a wave of people.

pitchforkmedia, 03-26-07