Nobuyoshi Araki



Nobuyoshi Araki


Nobuyoshi Araki, né le 25 mai 1940 à Tokyo, est un photographe japonais mythique.

Travail avec Björk

  • Pochette et livret de photos pour l’album de remixes Telegram en 1997
  • Photos pour le magazine japonais Switch Magazine en 2003.

Björk à son propos

Every image is so alive. He takes photos of pretty dark stuff, and yet there’s outrageous vitality in them.
They’re not destructive. His work makes me think about enjoying life, screaming from a mountaintop because the world is wonderful.

source : Index Magazine 2001

Lettre ouverte de Björk à Araki

hey Araki ?
will I always be feeling alive ?
completely 500% alive
feelings like I’m bursting or completely open
living with a courage like that
never fading out
always ’on’

hey Nobuyoshi ?
inject me with a ferocious beauty
inject it into me
with your visual cyringe
until all the cells in my body are faint
(500 liters of love, lust, and humor)
running viciously through my veins

hey Nobuyoshi ?
give me a sense of ’perfect’
and rescue me from boredom
okay ?
come into my heart every one millionth of a second
in a ’incompleteness’ that I roll in every day
click and connect once more
gimme a deep stimulation
with one picture
only one chance
can’t fake it

trap me with your stare, Nobuyoshi
and bring me to you with your power
and returning to all sorts of senses
all that I see-all that I think-all that I hear
all that I touch-all that I love
all satisfied

I’m ’on’ now
(thanks Nobuyoshi)

it’s like posing while
I’m still asleep
slowly coming out
and preparing my breath
but that’s when you’re deepest inside me
you’re swimming inside me
you’re submerging into my mechanism
reviving my soul

change me Araki, change me
boredom bursting
(you’re such a visual terrorist)
truth must be brought out
retreating isn’t forgiven
’completely’ bravo
and now, alive, guts.