Stephane Sednaoui - Post Outtakes

  • To celebrate @bjork at the MOMA, especially for Björk's fans ;) I will (...)
  • Plane still not taking off so one more ! (Those two images kind of go well (...)
  • ahaaaaa !! @jon_jacobsen you are going in the right direction in regards to (...)
  • ... And more....
  • ... And more .... Any questions I haven't answered yet in previous (...)
  • Exactly ! @antondav. What you say on the previous POST image is what I was (...)
  • ... ( continuation of previous text) so yes I wanted it to look like a (...)
  • ..and more...
  • The serie of the outtakes finish on this image, one of my favorites of (...)
  • And one more before I take off from Doha ! This one was published (cropped) (...)
  • ... and more ...
  • To celebrate @bjork at the MOMA, each day a "never published (...)
  • To celebrate @bjork at the MOMA, each day a "never published (...)
  • A very important part of the making of this cover was Björk's make up. (...)
  • Originally,on our first talks I wanted Björk to be surrounded by her (...)
  • I believe it is you @christopherihet that we can guess behind Björk. I am (...)
  • Iconic historic don't you think ? And here is the one lucky bastard (...)
  • If you have a question about this cover, something I didn't already (...)
  • After about 40 rolls when we felt that we had everything we were supposed (...)

À l’occasion de la rétrospective au MoMA, Stephane Sednaoui a posté des rush de la session photo pour la pochette Post sur son compte instagram.


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