With our fingers we make million holes
We run and we fall into pot holes
on a mission to savor the world, oh !
We peek at the sky through tree holes

Comet - oh damn it !
The comet comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth

Like the bugs in mother’s flower bed
We walk on long legs over the sea bed
On our mission to save the world, oh !
We need milk and cakes and a warm bed

Comet - oh damn it !
The comet comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth

Grey leaves are too much
for any mother to handle

A father must pull
his black hat down over the eyes

single vidéo collaboration vidéo clip bande originale

The Comet Song

Septembre 2010

The Comet Song est une chanson extraite de la bande originale du film Moomins and the Comet Chase dans laquelle Björk intervient plusieurs fois. Ces différentes apparitions sont compilées dans ce morceau. Les bénéfices réalisés avec cette chanson sont reversés à un fond de l’UNICEF soutenant les enfants victimes des inondations au Pakistan. Ce single, comme Náttúra est une sortie digitale, pour minimiser les frais de production et de distribution. Il est disponible sur iTunes et divers sites de vente en ligne.

Le titre a été édité sur la version japonaise de Biophilia.

Björk à propos du titre

At the time I was toying around with flutes quite a bit, and I mixed them with electronic sounds. The atmosphere seemed to be appropriate for the Moomins, where there has always been something bleak and dark, almost mystical. I wasn’t thinking in terms of nationalities, but it got a northern tone.


"I was very honored to be asked to write a song for this Moomin movie. I have for a long time been an admirer of Tove Jansson, both of the Moomins and her other work. She has been an inspiration both with the philosophy she weaves into her stories and also her lifestyle and her relationship with nature. Her welcoming of all things human, however eccentric, has been very inviting and I admire her faith in harmonious interactions of her characters without sacrificing any of their idiosyncrasies."
With Björk’s The Comet Song, a new dimension is added to the great tale, originally a book written by the renowned Finnish author Tove Jansson. Björk wanted to bring an understanding of the Moomin world into the song. She emphasized the many layers in the Moomin stories, which make them appealing to people of any age. The stories embrace the different, eccentric and deeply human characters living in the Moomin Valley. According to Björk, Snufkin used to be her favorite character as a child - but as an adult she can find a bit of herself in all of the characters, from Moominmamma to Moominpappa.
The Finnish production company Filmkompaniet is bringing the iconic animated creatures to the big screen in a way they have never been seen before – presenting the first Moomins feature film in stereoscopic 3D. The producer of the film, Tom Carpelan, is honored and grateful that Björk agreed to compose the title song ; Björk was the only choice for the assignment, as she and her music embody so much of the Moomin values.
Björk specifically asked the music video to be based only on footage from the film Moomins and the Comet Chase. The music video was made by Tommi Tikka, an acclaimed Finnish music video producer, with Maria Lindberg, the director of Moomins and the Comet Chase. Maria Lindberg says :
“In some ways it was a challenge to create a music video only using the animation. On the other hand, the song is so atmospheric and splendidly in tune with the film, that it created a wealth of ideas for the music video. It’s delightful to see how well the visuals and music interact in the final piece.”
Björk and her record company partners are going to give all the funds generated by the track, which is now available on iTunes, to UNICEF Pakistan children’s charities.

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Écrit et interprété par Björk
Arrangements Celeste : Matthew Herbert
Programmations Percussions (Rythmes) : Björk
Programmations Percussions (Sons) : Matthew Herbert
Ingénieur du Son : Damian Taylor
Flûte (Flûtes et traitement de la Flûte) : Björk
Paroles : Sjón
Production : Björk, Mark Bell, Matthew Herbert
Programmation : Björk, Damian Taylor, Matthew Herbert


Design : M/M (Paris)


  • Sjón