Vidéo réalisée par Lynn Fox spécialement pour la tournée 2003 et projetée lors de chaque concert.

For the track "Unravel", the idea came again from Björk . "The song is so beautiful, I think she always wanted to make a video for it, but it never got picked as a single. She always had this idea though, where she and the devil are in two rocking chairs sitting opposite each other and he is unraveling strings that come out of her heart.
Again, Lynn Fox added their own slant to the film, preferring to focus on the strings and their motion as they drift from Björk to a representaion of the devil (dressed in a semblance of Björk garments). "The unraveling is the narrative. It’s not the debil nor her, it’s the process, this constant interplay of the heartstrings... So there’s this constant state of flux between her and the devil, all kind of rocking gently in time of the music".
In case you’re wondering who made Björks dress for this promo, it’s actually two friends of hers, fashion duo (and sisters) Aftur who hail from Iceland and made the dress from pieces of lace taken from hundreds of discarded bridesmaid dresses.

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