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about the album

With Biophilia, I was actively attempting to map the music theory within me. I spent a lot of time working with programmers trying to get it down.

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about the album

Biophilia has been a rewarding , complex and fertile beast . i feel at this point that the place where it has been at it´s best is the apps ( still cant believe we did that ! so fun ! ) the educational program for the kids where it really took off internationally and in the round shows . i´ve realized that this project is kinda my opera , quite theatrical and the ideal setting for it is amongst the instruments that were specially made for it and played for a small crowd who kinda merge with the choir and the musicians . to do it in the round is essential somehow , then there is no front and no back and and people can swirl in orbit around the stage , take a look at the pendulums and take part .

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Björk à propos de la perruque rousse

Il y a plusieurs raisons à cette perruque, qui de toute évidence est ridicule. Pour soigner mon candida, j’ai dû me badigeonner la gorge et faire des gargarismes avec de l’eau oxygénée pendant un an, tout en ayant des cotonstiges dans les oreilles. Le candida, c’est un champignon, l’oxygène le tue. Mais en faisant ça une ou deux fois par jour, je sentais l’effet sur mon cerveau. Les médecins disent que quand le candida atteint le cerveau, c’est le début de l’Alzheimer. J’étais de plus en plus hébétée, je plaisantais avec mes amis en leur disant que mon cerveau commençait à se dissoudre. Et surtout, j’ai constaté qu’avec ce traitement mes cheveux commençaient à roussir. La perruque, c’est une exagération de ce phénomène.

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Björk à propos des écrans tactiles

Avec l’écran tactile, je peux tout faire en même temps, arranger la musique et chanter. Ça se rapproche sans doute de la façon de travailler d’un guitariste ou d’un pianiste. J’ai aussi écrit certaines des chansons de Biophilia avec une manette de Nintendo. C’est la première fois que je fais ça.

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Björk à propos du titre de l’album

Je lisais un livre d’Olivier Sacks appelé Musicophilia, qui est un recueil d’anecdotes sur son expérience en tant que neurologue sur le son et le traitement des patients.

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Björk à propos du titre Sacrifice

sd : with some of these songs, for instance “virus” or “moon,” you can tell right away which element we are talking about. one that stands out in contrast is “sacrifice.” how does that song fit in ?
Björk : it is funny you picked that one because it is really the odd one out. a couple of years ago i spent 8 months in puerto rico, i rented a house on the beach. while i was there, 5 of my friends [couples] divorced. a lot of them had been together for 10 or more years and it was weird to be on the other side of the atlantic and try to email or talk on the phone. maybe because all the other songs are about elements, i guess i became an anthropologist and decided to write down in my book all the things that the girls were complaining about and all the things the guys were complaining about. it was interesting because all the guys were all complaining about very different things while the girls were all complaining about very similar things. so i ended up picking out sentences that they all had in common and skipping what they had different. i kind of puzzled it into a lyric. it was really powerful. it is about complaining. it is quiet and a sad song.
that app is different from the other apps. my friends who designed the look of the whole project, called m&m in paris, they designed a special music font so that app is about musical notation and music font. that app is called element. so it is the odd one out.

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when i had finished writing biophilia, i realised it need a
universal theme, a theme song for the apps. .… as if it were a
film. and this is the song for that. i came up with this
homemade theory that for the egyptians, jews, first nation
people, all tribes, their creation myths were their science
and that the big bang was simply our
civilisation’s creation myth and after few centuries, people
would find ours naive. so i mentioned this to sión which then
wrote the lyric. i wanted the choir intro and outro to be like
planets going on orbit, so curved glides and with the brass
imagined a national anthem for the galaxy
if there is such a thing...

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Description Apple

Biophilia est une exploration multimédia aussi extraordinaire qu’innovante de la musique, de la nature et de la technologie par la musicienne Björk. Comprenant musique originale, œuvres d’art interactives et pédagogiques, mais aussi artefacts musicaux, Biophilia est disponible sous la forme de dix Achats In-App auxquelles vous pouvez accéder en volant à travers une galaxie en trois dimensions qui accompagne la chanson thème de l’album, Cosmogony. Tous les titres de l’album seront peu à peu accessibles en tant qu’aventures interactives au sein de Biophilia. Le premier single extrait de l’album, Crystalline, en sera le premier titre disponible.

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Mutual core

mutual core is about the tectonic plates
of a lake in iceland called binqvallavatn
they actually move a part
the same speed fingernail grows
and one plate represents europe
and the other north america
i tried to represent it in the beat
like magnetic energy dissolving
and the glides in the brass in the chorus
are about this separation too

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