Arisen my senses


just that kiss
Was all there is
Every cell in my body
lined up to you
Legs a little open
Once again
Head Topless
arisen my senses
just that kiss
Was all there is
my palms pulsating of
The things i want to do to you
Just that kiss
Was all there is
weaving a mixtape
With every crossfade
on www
to him a he
weaving a mixtape
arisen my senses
With every sound

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Paroles : Björk
Ecriture : Björk et Arca
Production : Björk et Arca
Mixage : Marta Salogni


Le titre contient un sample du titre Little Now A Lot d’Arca

C’est le Cassique de Montezuma (Psarocolius montezuma), une espèce d’oiseaux d’Amérique centrale, qu’on entend sur le morceau.


Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax Remix) 5:11
Arisen My Senses (Jlin Rework) 3:27
Arisen My Senses (Kelly Lee Owens Remix) 6:37

Björk à propos du titre

"J’ai bricolé une chanson à partir d’une courte boucle, ajouté un arrangement de harpe, posé un texte et je l’ai envoyée à Arca, comme un cadeau. Il n’en revenait pas, il a eu le sentiment que j’avais puisé dans son inconscient !" Télérama n°3538, 2017

Looking back now, the melodies on Vulnicura are very sad, and there’s short spaces between the notes. It’s kind of paralyzed. The first song I wrote on this album, the opening song, “Arisen My Senses,” is the opposite. The melody’s like a constellation in the sky. It’s almost like an optimist rebellion against the normal narrative melody. There’s not one melody. It’s like five melodies. I really loved that. Pitchfork

The first song we did was the first song on the album [‘Arisen My Senses’]. I actually found a loop of a mixtape or a SoundCloud thing that [Arca] had done three years prior. I just thought it was the most happiest firework that he’d ever done. I didn’t tell him about it – I just sampled it, sang it to him and he just exploded, you know ? I wasn’t really conscious of what I was doing. I was reaching for the most euphoric, antigravity moment that he’d done, and then I exaggerated that by looping it and writing a harp arrangement around it and singing on top of it these ecstatic lyrics. After we’d taken the saddest coordinates of each other and combined them into Vulnicura, we were doing the opposite now. And that was kinda the starting point. Fact

“Half of this album is about when me and Alejandro meet as equals, for the first time,” she says. It was with the opening track, “Arisen My Senses,” that Björk came to that realisation. When she took a mixtape of tracks Arca had made a long time before the two met, she wrote accompanying harp arrangements, and sang over it.

“Without knowing it, I was probably taking an element out of his musical character,” she says. “The most extreme happy, euphoric element, and maybe the most extreme happy element of my musical character, and putting them together. It was kind of a new coordinate—the opposite of ‘Vulnicura.’ For me, it sort of went from there.” reykjavik Grapevine


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Vinyle (25/05/2018) / Digital (21/03/2018)


1. Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax Remix)
2. Arisen My Senses (Jlin Rework)
3. Arisen My Senses (Kelly Lee Owens Remix)