Né au Venezuela, Alejandro Ghersi aka Arca est un producteur, ingénieur du son et DJ basé à Brooklyn. Il a produit l’EP2 de FKA Twigs et Yeezus de Kanye West.

Photo issue de l’album Vulnicura Live

Travail avec Björk

Vulnicura :
- composition en collaboration avec Björk des titres Family et NotGet
- co-production avec Björk de Lion Song, History Of Touches, Black Lake, NotGet, Atom Dance et Mouth Mantra
- co-production avec Björk et The Haxan Cloak de Family
- présent sur scène pour certains concerts de la tournée Vulnicura
- DJ Set avec Björk à Mexico

Björk à propos d’Arca

“C’est lui qui est entré en contact avec moi. C’était il y a un an et demi. À l’époque, je n’avais rien écouté de son travail avec FKA Twigs ou Kanye West. Mais je l’ai tout de suite beaucoup apprécié en le découvrant. (…) Nous avons beaucoup de points en commun, que ce soit musicalement ou émotionnellement. Je me suis rendu compte qu’il connaissait très bien mon travail – et même mieux que moi, probablement.” | Janvier 2015

Arca & Björk, Auditorium Parco della Musica - Rome, 2015 photo : Musacchio & Ianniello

eternal gratitude to the all around fertile Arca for being up for weaving together our missions for a bit .... thanks for those magical 3 shows !!! a history of musical touches .....warmthnesss , björk | Facebook | Juillet 2015

À propos de Björk

Pitchfork : You’ve also said you’re working with Björk on her next album. How did you meet ?
AG : It was serendipitous. Three years ago, my manager asked me : “Who do you want to work with ?” The first person I named was Björk. I also said André 3000 and Missy [Elliott]. He was like, “OK, but we’re realistically not going to be able to do that.” And then, after &&&&& came out, he sent it to one of Björk’s collaborators without even telling me. In a very beautiful and graceful way, she reached out to say that she had appreciated it. I was walking through some marshes with [my boyfriend] Daniel and I got this email and I just cried. I couldn’t believe it.

Then we met in London. She’d just finished her tour and asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in DJing an after party to celebrate. I just kind of rolled up my sleeves and, as humbly as I could, said I would love to.

Pitchfork : What does that collaboration sound like ?
AG : It’s not really my music, so it’s difficult to answer. I’m just a tiny piece of the equation. But it’s been completely healing spending time and working with her ; listening to her music changed the way I write, since I was really young. It’s as simple as that. Imagine making a new friend that is into the same kind of music as you. It’s very innocent, you know ?

Pitchfork - Octobre 2014

À propos de l’influence de Björk

Arca confiait récemment que sans les encouragements amicaux de Björk, il n’aurait jamais réuni le courage nécessaire pour chanter, pour la première fois, sur son nouvel album. Si la plupart des paroles ont été improvisées, l’influence spirituelle de Björk a tout de même infiltré le subconscient de Ghersi et sa nouvelle chanson, « Anoche ».

We were in the car together and I had been singing for fun and she turned to me very casually and asked me if I’d ever considered singing on my music. I just dismissed it. But then I took her very seriously because I respect her so profoundly as a vocalist. She gave me so much guidance, so I really want to celebrate that when I talk about the record. It was a big deal. She was so nurturing throughout the whole process and I don’t know if I would’ve been so brave to do his without her as a friend. I-D Mag - février 2017

Le parallèle entre le refrain de la chanson "Anoche te añoré / Aunque no te he conocido aún” (“Last night I missed you / Even though I haven’t met you yet”) et le titre « I miss you » de 1995 de Björk « I miss you / But I haven’t met you yet » est trop évident pour ne pas être relevé...
Pitchfork - février 2017

À propos de la tournée Vulnicura

you know what changed my life ? being a part of this tour. laughter & tears & heart. Vulnicura Live is out now and features Vulnicura live features some of my remixes of older Björk songs I love a lot 2, hope u like em ! !!!!!! kisses all over ur forehead @bjork

À propos de son album Reverie

She’s given me advice on anything, (from) live show, arranging, how to breathe, how to sing, when to bow, when to fight, when to search, when to hold stillness" explique Arca. "its not just advice as a musician, it’s how she unlock things in ithers simply by seeing them on a deep level." Dazed & confused, 2017

À propos de l’album Vulnicura

I DJ’ed at the last Biophilia show after-party, then there was an invitation to come to Iceland, to listen to stuff with no expectations or agenda. Those were the Vulnicura songs, most of which were already written, with string arrangements and lyrics. It was very powerful. I cried a lot ! She doesn’t work in a calculated way. It’s more step by step, listening to intuition. It was very polite, cautious and considerate, because the material was so tender. It was almost about the silences between the conversations.

It felt mutually healing. Listening to “Black Lake” a lot of times was like a test, as it was so affecting. Then there’s “Quicksand”, a celebration. There’s a complete spectrum of human emotion.

There was a sense of wellbeing around the record, a safe cocoon of comfort and taking care of one another. Maybe that’s what allowed her to go into that wound so deeply – because she had a very warm base. When you work with Björk, you enter a family.

Uncut - Avril 2017


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