He turned me down
I then downturned another
Who then downturned her
The paralyzing juice of rejection
His veins full of lead
He’s left with loving
what he lost
More than what he has

My snakeskin
cold in the dark
But warms up in the light
I then upturned
a green-eyed giant
Who upturned and entered me
Will we stop seeing what unites us
But only what differs ?

The ghosts of old loves
Hovering around his orifices

as you narrate
your own heart tale
You thread souls into one beam
The love you gave
and have been given
weave into your dream
I trust my cells to re-archive
My love’s historic stream

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Paroles : Björk
Ecriture : Björk
Production : Björk et Arca
Mixage : Heba Kadry