Guy Sigsworth

Composition | Programmation - Musicien/ne - Production

Guy Sigsworth est un compositeur producteur qui a collaboré avec de nombreux artistes, comme Seal, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears ou Madonna. Il a fait partie du groupe Frou Frou avec Imogen Heap.

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Guy Sigsworth a fait partie de la tournée Debut au clavier et au clavecin mais aussi de la tournée Post en tant que directeur musical. Il a aussi participé au concert MTV Unplugged.

Björk à propos de Guy Sigsworth

Guy Sigsworth is someone that Talvin introduced me to when Debut sold more than 20 times more than it was expected, as it was such a small and eccentric album. So we had to put together a tour in like two weeks or something, despite the album not being made to be played live. This is when I was introduced to Guy Sigsworth. I think on the first tour I didn’t have very exciting jobs for him, I gave him something like a few one finger keyboard lines. He then did the second tour which is was when he was actually the MD, where we started finding each others musical tastes, after being on tour buses for four years. It slowly built up like all good musical relationships. We started working together in 1993 and it wasn’t until 1997 when we did Unravel, and it had built up to a point where we actually walked into a studio and half an hour later and we had a song ready to be mixed. We had got to know one another’s insides so well. Vespertine was then an album where we wanted to go even further.

Guy Sigsworth à propos de Homogenic

Things had got intense in London and she had to leave. She went to Spain to work in a studio owned by Trevor Morais, her tour drummer. There was always a community of people there, including Icelandic friends. That was what it needed to be at that time, for many reasons. I went out there, then we did “Unravel” back in London. The vocal is the first take. She had just written the song. She heard the track, came up with the top melody line, went out to write some lyrics, came back and sang them. It’s the only time with anything I’ve ever recorded, that that’s been the case. One of the hardest things in music is to be sophisticated and raw at the same time, and she has that.

Uncut - Avril 2017

Guy Sigsworth à propos de Vespertine

Björk was asked to contribute [“The Boho Dance”] to a Joni Mitchell tribute album. It didn’t come out until years later, but that was the start of a new kind of approach, with the centrality of the celeste. Later, Damian [Taylor] and I went to Iceland. It was January 2000, one hour of daylight. That was where the idea of Vespertine came about.
We talked about Homogenic, where the drums are like volcanoes and earthquakes ; wouldn’t it be cool to do the extreme opposite, with everything sounding microscopic ? Music was going that way anyway.

Uncut - Avril 2017