She touched
my arm
and smiled

One of these days soon : very soon

Love you till then
love you till then
feel my breath
on your neck
and your heart will race

Don’t say no to me
you can’t say no to me
I won’t see you

I’m sorry you saw that
I’m sorry he did it

An echo
A stain...
A stain...

I can’t say no to you
I can’t say no to you
say nothing



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An Echo, A Stain


Programmations Beats : Guy Sigsworth, Damian Taylor, Matmos, Marius de Vries
Célesta : Guy Sigsworth
Arrangements Choeurs : Guy Sigsworth, Vince Mendoza
Arrangements cordes et orchestration : Vince Mendoza
Harpe et arrangement Harpe : Zeena Parkins
Ingénieurs enregistrement : Jake Davies, Valgeir Sigurðsson
Production : Björk
Mixage : Mark "spike" Stent


An Echo, A Stain (Odd Duck mix) 3:02 Matmos


  • Jake Davies