It’s In Our Hands (SPT mix)

Clip réalisé par Lynn Fox spécialement pour la tournée 2003 et projeté lors de chaque concert.

Propos issus du Live Book

In terms of storyline, Björk herself came up with a lot of ideas for the projections. She sent the team a pile of books about inuit people. "It was specificaly about seals, and their role in the lives of the Eskimos, but it also went into detail about their whole culture, their lives and their stories... Her music has a very Northern, Arctic feel about it. I think she wanted that to come through the film.
The end result is a crudely animated piece, a rough collage of Inuit, wild animals, and arctic scenery over which, in child-like scrawl, the three have scratched sharp fangs, scibbled lines and erectd penises ; it’s a far cry from the initially complex piece Lynn Fox orignially envisioned for her . "We finally got to the root of Björk’s vision for the film when we went out to Iceland to see her. She had a pile of photocopies of these inuit pictures and some black marker pens, and she started scrawling all over the pictures. Then she showed it to us saying "look, this is what I was talking about, this is how easy it is. Just animate this in the shittiest way you possibly can".
You can imagine us on the end of the telephone, trying to get our head round her ideas ? She’s saying : you know when you get those old sepia photographs of Inuit people... well I’d like you to get something like that, but then I want you to draw lots of erected penises and moustache all over them. We’re on the other side of the phone thinking... But this is the way Björk works, she has an idea or a sense of what she wants and then she’ll tell it to you, sort of give you a little start and then you’re away.



  • Lynn Fox