Jam ! (, 25 août 2001

This always intriguing Icelandic singer weighs in with her latest collection on Tuesday.

And after the slightly disappointing Selmasongs, her soundtrack to last year’s Dancer In The Dark, this work approaches the genius of her last solo album, 1997’s Homogenic.

Unlike the boldly experimental Homogenic, however, Vespertine is mainly about quiet introspection, whispered vocals, soothing strings, choir accompaniment and moody, often clattering electronic music on such songs as Cocoon, Pagan Poetry, Aurora, An Echo, A Stain, Harm Of Will and Unison.

There are a few exceptions when Björk allows herself to really let go, as on the first single, Hidden Place, and what should be the second single, It’s Not Up To You.

But the standout track is Heirloom, the most beat-heavy of the bunch. Other tunes worth mentioning are the sole instrumental, Frosti, played on music box, and the sweetly pretty Sun In My Mouth, whose lyrics are provided by poet e.e. cummings.

Björk plays a sold-out show at the Hummingbird Centre on Oct. 7. And with everyone from San Francisco electronic duo Matmos to a throat singer to a girl choir from Greenland joining her on stage, it should be one of the most interesting musical events of the year.

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