You can have me
but I’ll defend my child
by spring the child will die


I’m just so warm, Jennifer
and I’m coming over
to sa-bo-tage our distance

Moon will lead me on
Moon will guide me through, baby
Moon will guide me through
Moon will turn me on

I just don’t care anymore
’cause my court is calling
it’s me and truth
it is home
I’m at home with thruth alone

Moon will lead me on
Moon will guide us through
Moon will guide us through, baby
Moon will turn me on

The moon
it guides me on baby
there’s absolutely no doubt

Me and truth
it is home
I’m at home with truth alone

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Plaid - Lilith

Titre en collaboration avec le groupe Plaid et présent sur leur album Not For Threes sorti en octobre 1997.

Accordéon : Coba
Guitare, violon : Benet Walsh
Chant : Björk


Leila Arab, Coba et Nicolette ont participé à d’autres titres de l’album.

Plaid au sujet du titre

Q : How was it working with Björk on Lilith ? How much were you involved in the song-writing compared to the instrumentals and vice versa ? (...)
A : We recorded Lilith with Bjork over two sessions. In the first we played her basic melodic and percussive loops, she improvised vocal melodies over these. In the second she came back with lyrics and we structured the track around them. We loved writing and working with her.


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