Visuel du spectacle Cornucopia projeté pendant Losss
Réalisation : Tobias Gremmler

Björk pour la présentation de la vidéo

it is time to show you another song visualised by the overwhelmingly talented Tobias Gremmler ..... noone captures digital sensuality like him , elegant and expressive !!!! this is made for the multiple of screens of cornucopia and we share it all here on 1 for your laptop screen ... we based it on the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist , when i recorded this i tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them and if you listen on headphones it will match the imagery .....

Tobias Gremmler à propos de la vidéo

The basic structure comes from the song, which is a dialogue between two different personalities or characters, which might be even be held by one person – the interior and exterior personalities we have. So the video features two of the same faces. We recorded each of the faces separately and then doubled them. One of the most important elements to the video is the idea of the mask – there’s a point where the face itself almost vanished, you could only see the outer structure like a mask.

Masks were something I focused on a lot because it’s something Björk does a lot. In my research on masks, I discovered how certain cultures use masks to reflect internal reality. In Western art culture, if you represent a particular human, you do it by a portrait while in other cultures humans are represented in a way that you don’t really characterise particular recognisable features, but you try to create a mask that brings out one’s inner features or inner characteristics instead. Looking at the portrait from the inside out something that I was trying to integrate into the visuals for “Losss”. Dazed



  • Tobias Gremmler