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  • Björk Digital 2016-2020

Andrew Melchior

Développement | FX

Andrew Melchior fait partie de Third Space Agency, société anglaise à l’origine de la technologie 3Dception, moteur binaural audio 3D en temps réel

Travail avec Björk

Andrew Melchior à propos de Vulnicura VR

I find the creative and technical process with Björk, who has such breadth and depth as an artist, is always an iterative and innovative journey with her and her creative, production and management teams.

Björk has always absorbed and experimented with a wide spectrum of horizon scanning technical innovations, VR being the latest in a long line of technologies she has implemented creatively in her recording career. In this instance, we first all met while discussing augmented reality (AR) and how real-time holographic media was starting to become a real possibility with emerging devices and opportunities for new layers of immersion and interaction. Devices being ushered in, such as those being presented by Google’s mixed reality startup Magic Leap and their counterparts from Microsoft and Apple, gave us all some exciting pause for thought about the adjacent possible.

Björk and James were excited about the creative potential for the real world scans we made of Iceland with the X-Rez team and their LIDAR (light and radar) drone captures of the countryside during the making of Black Lake. Björk, James and Andy Huang had a rich palette of 3D objects and assets from the post production outputs from the ‘Black Lake’ film, and they were able to insert these materials into an object-based world browser concept as a kind of VR collage. Alistdaily - Septembre 2016

Andrew Melchior (Third Space Agency) à propos de Songlines

“Accurately tracking listener head movement with RondoMotion allowed our team to create a new level of immersion and engagement for listeners experiencing the Björk ‘Songlines’ psychoacoustic augmented audio installation at MoMA.” dysonics - mars 2015

"Only the 3Dception engine could provide us with the audiophile quality and ease of integration our creative and technical approach for the Björk Songlines project demanded."
“The Two Big Ears team and their audio programming expertise were key in our ability to provide visitors to Björk’s show the revolutionary head tracking psychoacoustic spatialised audio experience the artist had visualised for presenting her pure audio work to MoMA audiences.” futurescot - avril 2015