Inez + Vinoodh - Wired Magazine


This cover was in time for the release of ‘Biophilia’ and the ground-breaking app that was launched with the album. Wired is often about hybrids and this was the perfect marriage of music & technology a fantastic experiment in sound and visuals.
Of the selection of images that we worked on with Inez & Vinoodh (an awesome photographic duo that came part and parcel of working with her) this is the most commercial by far, but she still has this crazy ring of red crystals with a blue, high contrast face which for us at the time was really pushing it when the rest of our covers were a little bit more, er, traditional – now I look back on it quite fondly as a really fun cover, but at the time it gave myself and the photography director Steve Peck ridiculous amounts of stress and angst !

Andrew Diprose à propos de la couverture de Wired -

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