Inez + Vinoodh - Interview Magazine


We did this cover for Interview Magazine with M/M (Paris) when they were art directors for Interview. I don’t think Björk has ever looked that glamorous in her life ; it was a new way of looking at her, because the image was not necessarily related to an album or specific project of hers—we saw her less as a character from these different elements pieced together and more as this great beauty. I remember saying to her, ‘Put your chin down, eyes on the camera,’ because she has this innate habit of wanting to stretch her neck up. I kept saying, ‘Down, down, down.’ It was very different for her in every way, and for all of us—but I love the image so much. M/M (Paris) re-photographed the image with a prism over her eye and made a giant colored tear coming from that big eye. We saw her more as—for lack of a better reference—Elizabeth Taylor, or Maria Callas, with a great deal of glamor and this deep, strong, almost operatic presence. She kept playing Om Kalsoum’s record while we were photographing her.

Inez van Lamsweerde - Artsy- Mars 2015

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