Down in the cellar in the Boho zone
I went looking for some sweet inspiration, oh well
Just another hard-time band
With Negro affectations
I was a hopeful in rooms like this
When I was working cheap
It’s an old romance-the Boho dance
It hasn’t gone to sleep

But even on the scuffle
The cleaner’s press was in my jeans
And any eye for detail
Caught a little lace along the seams

And you were in the parking lot
Subterranean by your own design
The virtue of your style inscribed
On your contempt for mine
Jesus was a beggar, he was rich in grace
And Solomon kept his head in all his glory
It’s just that some steps outside the Boho dance
Have a fascination for me

A camera pans the cocktail hour
Behind a blind of potted palms
And finds a lady in a Paris dress
With runs in her nylons

You read those books where luxury
Comes as a guest to take a slave
Books where artists in noble poverty
Go like virgins to the grave
Don’t you get sensitive on me
’Cause I know you’re just too proud
You couldn’t step outside the Boho dance now
Even if good fortune allowed

Like a priest with a pornographic watch
Looking and longing on the sly
Sure it’s stricken from your uniform
But you can’t get it out of your eyes

Nothing is capsulized in me
On either side of town
The streets were never really mine
Not mine these glamour gowns

The Boho Dance


Pour un album hommage à Joni Mitchell, Björk a repris le titre The Boho Dance. La chanson a été enregistrée avec l’aide de Guy Sigsworth et Damian Taylor à la programmation. Le titre est décrit comme une improvisation sur des instruments traditionnels comme le célesta.

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell

01. "Free Man in Paris," Sufjan Stevens
02. "Boho Dance," Bjork
03. "Dreamland," Caetano Veloso
04. "Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow," Brad Mehldau
05. "For the Roses," Cassandra Wilson
06. "A Case of U," Prince
07. "Blue," Sarah McLachlan
08. "Ladies of the Canyon," Annie Lennox
09. "Magdalena Laundries," Emmylou Harris
10. "Edith and the Kingpin," Elvis Costello
11. "Help Me," k.d. lang
12. "River," James Taylor

Björk à propos du titre

It is hard to even begin to talk about what Joni Mitchell means to me.

The first record of hers I discovered was Don Juan’s Daughter ; I was around fourteen, fifteen and I knew it by heart (still do, every instrument, every noise, every word). I would love to cover sometime some of the songs of that album but they might be too sacred for me, too immaculate for me even to be able to suggest that they might be done in any other way. At that age my love for her was very intuitive and limitless with total ignorance of her meaning in North America in the hippy era, for example. I guess now later when I am a bit more knowledgeable about foreigners and history and context and such things I understand better her importance to the world and why she made such an impact on a teenage girl in Iceland (who had never left the island at that point, actually).

In a music-world ruled by males she continues to be the only one (except perhaps Kate Bush) who created an all-female universe with intuition, wisdom, intelligence, craftsmanship, and courage : had the guts to set up a world driven by extreme female emotion, almost any other female out there is fronting an already male-made sensibility. Joni got a group of musicians to play with her but they were following a female heart. This might not be the place to go into details ; I could write pages about it...for example her chord progression is very chromatic and grows like a plant, unpredictable and growing in all different directions (as you all know, she tuned her guitar strings very differently than others)...not the white Christian male c-g-f rock, boy-scout chords that are clean and square and deny the existence of nature. And there is no space to even go into her lyrics here, which are heavyweight literature, especially in the context of popular music.

And as I grow older I am forced to admit a very, very sad truth (something I promised I would never do, but...) : we are living in a rock white male world and because of this Joni is being ignored while someone like Bob Dylan for instance has become a saint.

This album has gathered musicians together to show a little of their love and respect for Joni Mitchell.

Let’s hope it takes part in inspiring the respect she deserves.

(source : le site officiel du projet)



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